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Picture Perfect

Fake 5

With everyone living their life online the pressure to be seen as “having a perfect lifestyle” can be overwhelming, especially when you are planning your wedding.  A quick scroll through social media (whichever platform you choose) shows picture perfect couples in romantic settings with moments of sheer joy captured unsuspectingly. Yeah right….

If your other half is an unromantic as mine (he tried, once, to send flowers for Valentines Day but on being told how much 12 roses with gypsophila would cost he asked if it was any cheaper without the gypsophila. Having been informed that it wasn’t he asked could he just send the gypsophila. Needless to say, I didn’t get any flowers!) then rather than uplifting your heart it can be more like a dagger straight through it. Okay, so maybe that’s a touch dramatic but you’ll know what I mean.

Next time, you despair that you life/wedding isn’t perfect like all those other “golden” couples out there remember that if something seems too good to be true, it normally is!

Here’s a couple of reminders that sometimes “perfect” isn’t always real….

A dreamy photograph of a bride being sheltered from the rain…

Fake 1

Nothing as romantic!

Fake 2

Wow! Amazing venue…

Fake 11

Maybe not…

Fake 12

We love a boho, relaxed wedding with dreamy, long strolls through the long grass

Fake 13

Crouching in an overgrown roadside isn’t quite what we had in mind….

Fake 14

Oh, just in case you thought the photograph at the top was real…

Fake 5 Fake 6

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