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How do you know when it’s ‘The One’?


Every single married woman will tell you that the moment she put on her chosen gown she knew straight away that it was THE ONE!!!

Sorry, ladies, but I’m going to dispel that myth!

Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds and  hundreds of Brides – and to be completely honest the moment of realisation that this is the gown you’re going to wear on the biggest day of your life is not so much a flash of lightening and a thunderbolt from above, but more of a dawning realisation.  I could probably count the number of thunderbolts we’ve had on the fingers of one hand.

And not all mums weep when they see their darling little girl in her gown for the first time.   Some do – but most don’t – they’re saving it for the big day.  So please don’t be disappointed if the box of Kleenex you bought especially for the appointment doesn’t actually get used.


Brides find it most confusing that even though they’ve put on a gown that they absolutely love, choirs of angels don’t automatically pop up and start singing and neither does a host of be-winged fairies suddenly appear and start sprinkling gold dust over her head.  So, without celestial approval – they doubt themselves and they doubt that they’ve found the right dress.


Thus, the search for the dress that will summon Choirs of Angels and dust-sprinkling fairies begins.  They trawl every shop in the county, trying on dozens and dozens of dresses, even though they know, in their heart, that the dress they really love is in the first shop they visited!  We often hear from a Bride that she thinks she’s ”found the right one, but I just want to check that there’s nothing better out there”.

Seriously?  Did you say that to your Fiance when he proposed?  ”Yes, I think I’ll marry you, but do you mind if I just have a bit of a look around to see if there is a better potential husband out there?”

Brides often return to us after weeks or months of trying on other gowns, having completely confused themselves with too many different dresses, in different styles & fabrics and having described the dress they first saw with us, to every other bridal consultant they’ve come into contact with in the hope that she will produce something identical – but complete with fairy dust and aforementioned singing angels.

So what do people mean when they talk about their dress being ‘The One’ and just knowing it was right?

As I mentioned before, it’s more of a dawning realisation.  You’ll know the design is right, it suits your body shape, it’s appropriate for the type of ceremony you’re planning, the amount of crystal/applique/diamante/etc is spot on, you can imagine yourself spending all day in it & admiring it in your photographs for years to come.  On the big day, you’ll be telling everyone that you just knew the moment you first popped it on – but really you’ve come to love it, through trying it on at fittings, accessorising it and growing comfortable and confident in it.

So really it is a little like finding the right husband – the instant attraction has to be there – but it’s only after a while that you grow to truly love it.

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